Actually, Second-Worst After Lip-Syncing

“Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) tore into Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on Wednesday, saying that her planned departure indicates that she accepts ‘culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11.'” [TPM]


Remember kids, one competent diplomat is worth more than 27 school children!

I expect they’re gonna compulsively start singin’ about Bill Clinton’s penis. That’s the magic wand that transported us into this nightmarish dystopia with its legendary cum shot across AmeriKKKa that drove most of the white people insane. Such as.

One would think the Ron Paul 08 Campaign would be up there as well. A 9/11 on intelligence.

The biggest tragedy was electing another nut-job senator from KY.

It’s a shame Rep. Paul was named after Ayn Rand. This caused him to read every word she wrote, and even Rand is smart enough to know bad writing when he sees it, and that Rand was, shudder, an atheist. But Ron and his wife realized that too late, that when poor little Ayn went to school, he was bullied mercilessly. Finally Ron got the state to change the name legally so that the Ayn part vanished. From then on, Ron thought that calling the president “Hussein” was hypocritical. After, all Mr. Obama Senior couldn’t have anticipated a time when people might get confused about the U.S.A. and Iraq. The previous president was just that dumb, and look where he took us.

@James M. Martin:
err, actually his name is just plain Randal Howard Paul and he was called Randy when he was growing up.
He grew up in Texas and his weave is both awesome and hilarious.

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