Don’t Go Changing, Bubba

God love Bill. Some things never change.

Black Eagle and Schumer are slightly more subtle in checking out Beyonce.


Haha! Yeah, when I saw the Bubba picture on FB, I was really hoping it had been Photoshopped. And then I came to my senses.

I’d be checking out Beyonce, too. She might not have a personality, but she does look fine (although I liked her much better with darker hair and skin.)

He was no doubt stunned by the horror of her performance of God Save the King. And I don’t blame him. I was hoping she was going to go down on the mic and choke.

Beyonce is creepy beyond words. Plus the weave… We are not drag queens (when did Ms Knowles join Baywatch?). Yes that’s a godawful song to sing – the break is horrendous – but we need to tell our arranger not to start it so low in the voice there’s nothing there. Never mind the later “I have too much integrity to wear this feedback earphone, I must tear it out so I can sing what’s in my heart!!” Because nothing’s there. Just phony emotion and vanity.

Then let’s go hire Audra McDonald.

@Benedick: Audra McDonald. Can sing in any style and make you cry. I saw her in Rise And Fall Of The City Of Mahagonny and was transported to another dimension.

@Benedick: I bet Audra McDonald wouldn’t have shown up in a freaking evening gown before lunch. Jesus Christ, what is this world coming to?

@Dodgerblue: that’s all I mean. Is it too much to ask for?

@Mistress Cynica:Joan Rivers needs to be doing a red carpet show.

T/J: I just saw the Top Chef episode where Kristin Kish got sent home. She wuz robbed — because she wouldn’t rat out that troll Josie.

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