Not That Marcus Had a Problem With That

“He prohibited her husband, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, from sleeping in the same room with wife while on the campaign trail.” —Former (and still unpaid) Michele Bachmann field coordinator Peter Waldron, bitching about her “Rasputin-like” debate coach Brett O’Donnell. Bachmann’s campaign finance chair calls the comments “outrageous embellishments of the reality of what transpired”. [BuzzFeed, via Political Wire]


Coach of the Teabagger queen
That was a nut that really was gone
Teabaggistan’s corn doggiest machine
It was a shame how she prattled on

why would anybody paid or not admit to being any of the following?:
1. Michele Bachmann’s debate coach
2. W.’s speech writer
3. Todd Akin’s womens issues director
4. Glenn Beck’s parents
5. Bill O’Reilly’s wife
6. Ann Coulter’s sex change surgeon
7. Dennis Miller’s comedic role model
It would be much preferable to falsely substitute unemployed, hooked on meth, on a flavored vodka binge on a resume instead of admitting to any of the above for any amount of time regardless of the recompense.


8. NAMBLA’s public spokesperson
9. Gary Busey’s psychiatrist
10. Alex Jones’ anger management coach
11. Rick Scott’s ethics advisor
12. Clarence Thomas’ law school professor
13. Fred Phelp’s relative

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