Another Right Wing Freakout …

Sock puppet David Gregory will not be prosecuted for waving an empty high-capacity mag on the TeeVee:

The decision is interesting and disturbing for two reasons: 1) the prosecutors believe that Gregory (and his producers) were guilty of the crime, and 2) they seem to think that it is ok to use the rights granted by the First Amendment to attack the rights granted by the Second.

Bad Law Professor William A. Jacobson is aghast and also has the vapors, and his commenters are sure that a Fox talking head would be in jail if they did the same thing.

Don’t these idiots know prosecutors only bring cases they think they can win?


Don’t these idiots know… etc


I clicked on the article and thoughtlessly looked at some comments. All I can say is that if there is a God taking an active interest in this planet, I hope said God is telling all the rest of Earth’s creatures to hang tight because the insane human race is going away very, very soon.

@Dave H: We’re doing a pretty good job of getting back to hunter/gatherer population levels in a couple hundred years, assuming that there is anything left to hunt or gather. Makes you wonder whether being more intelligent than, say, a coyote is a beneficial evolutionary development or not.

Couldn’t they have at least issued the $1K fine/charged him with crimes against journalism?

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