Amazingly, He’s Only the Third Worst President in Our Lifetime

Richard Nixon — the last great liberal [Fox]

One of my life goals is to pee on his grave.

@Dodgerblue: darth cheney’s too. do you think he has pre-purchased? is it a crime other than a public urination or indecent exposure misdemeanor to piss on an unoccupied grave site? does freedom of expression trump both?
have you heard the theory (maybe conspiracy, maybe not) that the watergate bumblers were looking for evidence the democrats had of nixon’s involvement in the JFK assassination. because of everything mentioned in the false noise article, the republican’t powers that be’ed then were looking for a way to get rid of nixon short of assassination this time. how convenient it would be to tie the JFK murder on him. That would get rid of nixon and put an end to any further conspiracy theories or actual discovery and prosecution of the real culprits. especially since logic dictates that the JFK murderers were aligned with nixon, whether nixon knew it or not. even if nixon wasn’t involved, such rumors would at least motivate nixon out of his extreme paranoia to order the break in to find documents that didn’t exist. that’s a damn good grift, getting nixon to do himself in chasing alleged conspiracy evidence that didn’t exist. either way nixon goes down. can you help sell this script in hollywood?

1. Caligutard
2. Raygun
3. Nixin
4. Profit??

@¡Andrew!: (4) only applies to neocons.

But yes, that’s how I stacked it.

i often wonder why LBJ isn’t criticized like carter by the teapublican’ts. he inherited camelot and left us with vietnam and riots. i guess the teapublican’ts think he is one of them because he was from texas and immune from criticism.

I think Repubs are ambivalent about LBJ. They hated the Great Society programs, but they respected the way he poured troops into Viet Nam. Besides, hippies and highbrow types hated him so he can’t be all bad in Repub eyes.

@jwmcsame: You say Vietnam like it’s a bad thing.

Carter was “weak”, which is why neocons like to pile on him. LBJ bombed the shit out of Asians, so neocons can’t criticize him without undermining their own enterprise.

They’re free to dump on LBJ for Great Society programs. Unfortunately, those include Medicare (very popular among the wingnut base), and Voting Rights/Civil Rights (good luck dumping on those).

Besides, Ronnie whupped Jimmy, which fits the Legend. There’s no love among neocons for Nixon. Just his minions.

@Jesuswalksinidaho: @nojo: good points. i made the mistake of thinking logically while trying to figure how teapublican’ts figure.
figure means think here in east teabaggistan, but think does not always mean figure.

Flying Monkeys have a strong loyalty to their master.

@ManchuCandidate: If Nojo doesn’t make that the Stinquer COTD I may have to figure out how to jimmy with the jalopy beyond my ability to post my rants.

Oh, haaaaiii, y’all. Crazy times here. Was in the Land of RptrCub for work, still processing, perhaps will share in the sandbox.

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