The U.S. Postal Service is vewy vewy sowwy it lost Season 8, disc 2 of House.


Unrelated, but weird: Christian Mingle ad that came up over at Pharygula:

One, slightly frightening looking model. Two, terrible ad targeting…

@al2o3cr: I don’t think there’s enough alcohol in the world …. Would NOT hit that.

It all went to hell after he started banging Cuddy anyway.

when i subscribed to playboy, my magazine would often arrive with the plastic wrapping designed to censor the non-pornographic cover pre-opened and re-sealed. i understand that hef and usps had a long standing conflict dating all the way back to the first issue.

@Mistress Cynica: True that.

Over 168 billion pieces of mail handled this year, the USPS delivers nearly 40 percent of the world’s mail including an apology for losing the last season of a teevee show that was way over due for cancellation.

@jwmcsame: About 30 years ago a friend at USPS told me that workers would peruse a few copies and then pass them on to the intended recipient. If your last name began with A, B or C your copy was likely to be “borrowed”. I gave up my subscription because I could get it at the news stand 3 weeks sooner.

@al2o3cr: First, ugh. Second, ugh. Third: this website is presuming to understand and deliver God’s will for you personally? Maybe someone could have a nice chat with them and let them know that, well, NO.

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