Robert Bork (1927-2012)

A truly horrible human being:


What I always wonder is how much different would it have been to have this asshole vs what we ended up with – Scalia.

I wasn’t able to decide at that time if the Democrats were so worn out from the Bork battle that they didn’t have it in them to challenge Scalia or that they were still so full of themselves for winning the battle that they let that slimey bastard get through..

Yet Kissinger still walks the earth.

@DElurker: Actually we got Justice Kennedy, who is WAAAAAAYYY better than Bork would have been. I always wondered how Douglas Ginsburg (the pothead replacement # 1 for Bork) would have panned out.

@DElurker: I recall 2 things: 1) Scalia hadn’t written as much crazy shit; 2) Scalia didn’t reveal how crazy he was in the hearings. Bork did.

Kissinger is almost proving the saying “Only the good die young.”

@blogenfreude: Yeah, they learned their lesson well. Keep your crazy hidden and don’t answer any questions until after the vote.

From Wiki: “Television advertisements narrated by Gregory Peck attacked Bork as an extremist.” As if I needed more reasons to love Gregory Peck.

Call-center guy ended a conversation just now with, “I do really wish you enter your Christmas season.” Poor English or Mayan Apocalypse warning?

@mellbell: Confusion about heathen monotheistic year-end festivals.

@mellbell: Problem is, we entered it in October.

@TJ/ Jamie Sommers /TJ: now the Tea Party doesn’t know better and uses their outside voices.

@SanFranLefty: You beat me to a post about that war criminal Kissinger. Maybe it’s the blood of Cambodian children that sustains him.

Only four years after Bork’s rejection we ended up with someone far worse sitting on the SCOTUS with BushCo Sr’s openly racist appointment of Clarence Thomas, whose only qualification to sit in Thurgood Marshall’s seat was the color of his skin.

Ah, Bork! I salute your life and career in the most generous way I can muster: with noxious gassy emissions from my backside. Yes, sir, I fart in your general direction! Quiet rest and good riddance.

His name has become a verb to describe the act of voting down a vile and repellent nominee. I kind of like that.

However, it did not make up for his evil deeds. How many other people can claim credit for firing Richard Nixon’s special prosecutor?

How many other people can claim credit for firing Richard Nixon’s special prosecutor? Now? Zero.

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