In a Stunning Upset, Ann Althouse Wins the Internet With the Stupidest Response Ever

“Why did Adam, after killing his mother, travel to the school where she worked? Shouldn’t some suspicion fall on the mother? She looks like a victim, but could she and her son have been operating together?” [Althouse]


Althouse’s universe is a scary emotionally retarded place.

@blogenfreude: I don’t even know how somebody thinks that.

Arming teachers? Stupid, but conventional. Mom as co-conspirator? Transcendently stupid.

Wait… She was a teacher right? I’m holding off declaring a stupidest comment until someone blames the teachers union… You know its only a matter of time.

@Serolf Divad: Bear in mind that Ann was competing with Huckabee blaming the lack of school prayer. Tough call.

I actually think Ann was in on it too. There’s equivilent evidence for both points of view.

Great. I did not know who that was. Now I do. And my life is not better because of it. And if you think the Althouse piece is dreadful read some of the comments.

@Benedick: Reading comments on a wingnut site? Darling, do you wish to lose all will to live?

@Mistress Cynica: I have a bad habit of amusing myself with reading iPhone-Android Flame Wars on geek sites.

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