What’s The Matter With Toronto?

First Bad Santa, now this. But hey, it’s an easy way to start the week for Stephen Colbert’s writers.


Normally there’s a perfectly unobstructed view of the Washington Monument from my apartment two miles away, but tonight it’s Exorcist-level foggy. Which reminds me — any Stinquers making the trek for the inauguration this time around?

@mellbell: I’ve gone forty years never stopping to wonder whether there was an inside joke to setting it in Georgetown.


It was inspired by a 1949 case of demonic possession and exorcism that Blatty heard about while he was a student in the class of 1950 at Georgetown University

So there may be Georgetown inside jokes, for all I know, but Georgetown itself isn’t one of them.

It’s only the Third Seal. Unless there is a massive accident involving clowns in the next week or so then I’m not going to worry.

@ManchuCandidate: Surely we must be up to at least four, what with the hockey lockout.

Five would be a Rogue Zamboni, but that’s old news.

The NHL lockout is a sweet release from the torture known as the Maple Loafs. The Loafs winning the Stanley Cup is the seventh seal.

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