Also, Stop Being an Asshole to Nazem Kadri

“Oh, you’re wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs tuque. You shouldn’t be wearing that, they suck.” —Toronto shopping-mall Santa, now unemployed, to three-year-old child. [Toronto Sun]


Just chalk it up to a life lesson learned early.

Gawd Himself has already damned the Minnesota Vikings, so it seems reasonable that Santa Claus would have views on Sport as well. He’s probs not handling the hockey lockout well.

I’m baack, having left few dumplings uneaten in Hong Kong. Going to hit the gym tomorrow, and then my klezmer band had a gig featuring that old country favorite, Mein Jetlag Ist Verkakte.

Sport TJ: Ducks make Women’s College Volleyball semi-final. Tonight the Tree get the chance to join them. Could be interesting in SFL-land.

@Walking Still: My lovely wife got me tix to the Tree v. Bruins basketball game in Jan.

@Dodgerblue: Men or women? I’m a big fan of the Tree women, because (on occasion) they beat my mom’s favorite team (UConn).

@Walking Still: Condolences to the Tree v-ballers. Michigan was playing at an amazingly high level last night.

@Walking Still: I’m still recovering from the Stanford wimminz soccer team losing to North Crackolina in double overtime in the NCAA championship game last week. Tree women b-ball is great to watch, too.

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