Just When We Thought We Were Out, She Pulls Us Back In

We seriously debated whether to run a Fourth Annual Thanksgiving Beheading this year, seeing as Our Exceptional Heroine is finally drifting into blessed obscurity. And then we saw some Palin 2016 chatter. No, it’s not working out for us at all.


I’ve always thought this video was a perfect metaphor for Palin. The turkey blood represented her prospects going down the drain. The headless turkey representing the average IQ of her supporters. The poultry slaughterer behaves a lot like her idiot MSM enablers (and presumably her family) thinking they’re helping but hilariously missing the point.

@ManchuCandidate: And the tacky coat is a metaphor for her general Lane-Bryant-on-Steroids sense of fashion.

I can imagine aliens finding this video clip thousands of years from now after humanity has passed away and wondering what kind of bloodthirsty savages we were. Many thanks for the reminder of what could have been four years ago if Black Eagle had followed in the DNC choreographed footsteps of Gore and Kerry.

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