Republicans, Desperately Running Out of Groups to Insult, Extend Spectacular Outreach Program to the Poor

“If all 47 million food stamp recipients voted for President Obama, it would account for 75.4 percent of Obama’s 62.3 million votes.” [CNS News]


Sadly for fantasy lives of the nutbars of the right, probably half of that 47 million are such redneck assholes that they *didn’t* vote for Obama – instead they proudly pulled the lever for Mittens while muttering about how proud they are to not depend on any “gubmint programs”.

@al2o3cr: The Leadership — well, except for Mitt — is trying to make Nice Noises, but between Fox and The Base, good fucking luck with that. Can’t wait to see who gets Primaried in 2014.

I’m all kinds of impressed by these outreach programs being launched as the Republican party takes a good hard look at itself. Given their past track record I can’t help but think that cooler heads will prevail.

I just hope that they won’t give up earlier successes like pounding on the gays.

been down and out, but never to the point of needing food stamps … but nice to know they’re there.

@blogenfreude: If enlisted soldiers in the military have a child, their salaries are low enough that they qualify for WIC and SNAP. When my dad was in the AF and I was a baby, my folks got food stamps. Couple years ago I went to the Wal-Mart once with a former client’s wife and helped her understand SNAP and WIC rules so she could buy groceries for her two kids under the age of 4 because her husband (my former client) was in western Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan, shooting goat-herders out of the 13th century on the orders of a lascivious general busy exchanging smutty emails with a Kardashian wannabe in Tampa.

I just finished a piece in the New Yorker about some Hispanic (because “Latino” is soooo Californian) Republican Caucus in Tejas that is pointing the way to the New Right. Jorge Pay Arbolita figures into the mix, natch.

Oh and may I say that I’m not surprised that it took the Lost creators six seasons to (a) introduce CJ Craig as the only “name brand” actress in the entire franchise, and then (b) to use that episode to create the worst Romulus/Remus meets Star Trek mashup in history?

I have two freaking episodes to go, and I guess I just want to see if Hurley drops a few pounds and whether Charlie comes back from the dead to do an unplugged set of Drive Shaft hits. Because that is how believable just about every other plot device of the show has been. Stay, as they say, tuned.

ADD: @SanFranLefty: you might have meant Eastern Afpakistan, but yeah. How’d he come out of it, anyway? I huddled with a bunch of civvies the other day who spent part of the civilian surge over there, and apparently the draw down is a serious bitch for all but the banks that captured all the hazard pay.

After 5 interviews and a lot of prep, I found out I didn’t get the job. It sucks even worse because I can pinpoint the exact moment I fumbled on the interview–the questions I knew I fanned on and my half assed replies lacked enough depth (hard to when you’re rusty after 18 months of not working.) Funny enough, it was the only questions I bombed out of 30+ or so. It sucks even more because I got compliments about how intelligent and insightful I was from the company via the head hunter. I know they tried to compliment me, but it just pisses me off because its patronizing also doesn’t lessen the sting. If I’m so fucking insightful and intelligent then why not hire me? I’m going to sulk for a bit and go through all the stages of grief. I’ll be better on the weekend.

@ManchuCandidate: Sorry to hear this. That’s tough after all the effort you into it.

@ManchuCandidate: I am so sorry. It sucks to get so close and not get the job.

@ManchuCandidate: Blerg. On the bright side, getting through all those interviews means you’re that much more polished and ready for whatever comes next.

@Beggars Biscuit: East, West, Fucking Directions, How do they work?! Mr. SFL’s colleague at the Land of the Ducks has been trying to explain in Rocks With Jocks, Orrry-gun Edition, that left means west, right means east. So yes, I meant eastern Af-fucking-ganistan. All I know is I got weird calls from said client in former posts at 3 in the morning on some cell phone that I suspect was stripped off an opium farmer’s body telling me that he was alive but “crazy shit is going down Miss [SFL].”

@ManchuCandidate: Fuck fuck fuckity fuckity fuckity fuck. Sucks so bad. Get your ass to California and I’ll buy you a dinner and a night’s worth of drinks. FlyingChainSaw can recommend a Brazilian place I took him in EssEff, and Dodger has never said a foul word about the places I take him. So sorry.

@ManchuCandidate: That’s harsh, man. Sorry. And Lefty is correct — she know where to eat and drink in SF. C’mon out.

@Beggars Biscuit: Of course, Latino is Californian because of what’s on the other side of the giant fence a few miles south of here.

Everybody else parties with Javier Bardem.

@ManchuCandidate: Well, damn it all to hell anyway, and them too. Maybe this job faded out because something oh so much better is gonna come along soon and you’ll be free to learn about it and land it. Treat yourself very gently and to all your favorite things to do, see, hear, read, listen to, eat, drink, dream of, write about, and laugh about. The invitations to make merry with fellow Stinquers sound very appealing!

Thanks. While wallowing in self pity, I thought the universe is seriously fucking with me. To get so close and then have it yanked away.

On the other hand, I also know the universe doesn’t give a shit.

As you might have figured, I’m now at depression stage.

@ManchuCandidate: On the other hand, I also know the universe doesn’t give a shit.

I totally sympathize. I received a salary offer back in the Spring after a lengthy interview process, then got a “please don’t quit your job; this is not an employment offer until we find an actual vacancy”. Which given the current circumstances (think fiscal cliff) is unlikely.

So I have about ten months in which to make all the coin I can by taking 30 hour plane trips, living out of suitcases, and missing holidays and birthdays until I am certifiably unemployed.

Given your profession, are you at least able to get by on contract gigs? Is Canada City providing you with a softer safety net landing than you’d get down here?

@Beggars Biscuit:
No contract gigs as most of my contacts in telco world are outside of Canada City and they’re not doing so hot.

As for the safety net… well. I had it but I got short dicked on benefits because at the time the unemployment situation was not as dire.


I would seriously pay money to see that Dondero fuckhead from a few days back (the “I’m gonna yell about how EBT is for moochers” guy) try his schtick at a register where an enlisted man w/ family in tow is in line behind him.


Sorry to hear about this, Machu. Looking for work sucks, and doubly so if you are out of work to begin with. Chin up, though. I’m sure something will come through for you, even if you’ve got to slog through a few more applications and interviews.

@Serolf Divad:
Thanks. It was just tough to get that far and not see a payoff.

@ManchuCandidate: Not that I know anything about the field you work in (and not that ignorance has ever stopped me having an opinion) but I’ve been thinking of your posts as you were going through your interviews many of which expressed a very natural anxiety about your performance. I always think that’s a good thing, a sign of character. Only assholes are self-confident: Mike Lee, for example. And not to be jokey but you seemed to be going through something very like what I used to go through for an audition.

My point being, isn’t there some kind of person who can coach you so you’ll be more in control next time? Musical auditions terrify me so I always used to spend time and money to prepare which meant going to a coach to work on songs, an acting teacher to work on scenes. I’m not talking about some dreadful ‘life-coach’ but someone practical? In my own experience, at the beginning I was not good at what are called cold-readings: you’re handed a script and they say go. So someone showed me how to take charge of that, really a simple enough technique. So now, if they want to do that and they say I can go outside to look it over, I can say no and just go into it: and for anyone dumb enough to hand an actor a script and expect him or her to make sense of it at once that person will be impressed.

All I’m really wondering is if there’s anyone you could work with so that you can feel more in charge of the interview next time? Forgive me if this seems impertinent, I’m sure you did your prep. It’s just that I’ve been wondering. In my own life my early auditions were the cause of dry-mouth and terror, but if you do enough of them you get through that. Sheer volume is not an option in the real world, it seems.

Thanks I’ve actually done many mock interviews with a career counselor and am quite composed during the real ones. I’ve endured at least two 3 1/2 hour panel interviews for employment which are the worst.

It’s not a lack of control. It’s a matter of being rusty. Being a technical interview, I have to have technical concepts down. In this last series of interviews, I knew I didn’t give enough depth for the requirements of the job not because I didn’t know, but rather that I didn’t remember till after the interview. I knew they knew.

It’s also anxiety because I’m rusty.

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