Everything Must Go!

[@morningmoneyben, via @daveweigel]

Just in case you thought a Romney mug was forever: how about a face tattoo?

@IanJ: That would have been stupid even if Mitt won.

@nojo: You’ll notice it’s not my face being featured in that story. I saw a picture of that tattoo a week or two ago and had to stifle juvenile giggles. On the other hand, that’s one way to charm your way into the pants of a bunch of really awful women.

@nojo: I know of a woman who got an Obama “O” tattooed on her foot. But that was A) on her foot, where employers don’t normally look unless they have a foot fetish and B) for a history-making campaign of a cool dude regardless of whether Black Eagle won.

@rptrcub: I know of a woman who carved a backwards B on her face.

I have Johnny E tattooed… somewhere.

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