Things Calvin Coolidge Said Four Years Before the Stock Market Crashed and the Great Depression Began

“But the business of America is business, as Calvin Coolidge said long ago in an alternative universe…” [Mark Steyn/NRO]


It’s hilarious to me that the same columnists who once cheered on Dick “Dick” Cheney’s “Deficits Don’t Matter” are shrieking about spending and taxing which is what happens when you say “deficits don’t matter” and put two very expensive wars off the books and give tax cuts to people who don’t deserve them.

But then again Steyn has some serious mental issues being a Canada City dweller who puts on phoney British airs.

I have been reading the NRO and it’s not pretty.

@ManchuCandidate: If there’s one thing I hate it’s phony British airs.

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