Our guest columnist is not necessarily the husband of David Petraeus biographer/squeeze Paula Broadwell.

My wife is having an affair with a government executive. His role is to manage a project whose progress is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American leadership. (This might seem hyperbolic, but it is not an exaggeration.)

I have met with him on several occasions, and he has been gracious. (I doubt if he is aware of my knowledge.) I have watched the affair intensify over the last year, and I have also benefited from his generosity.

He is engaged in work that I am passionate about and is absolutely the right person for the job. I strongly feel that exposing the affair will create a major distraction that would adversely impact the success of an important effort.

My issue: Should I acknowledge this affair and finally force closure? Should I suffer in silence for the next year or two for a project I feel must succeed? Should I be “true to my heart” and walk away from the entire miserable situation and put the episode behind me?


My Wife’s Lover [The Ethicist/NYT, 7/15/2012, via @BillWeirABC]

I knew it. James Bond was banging Q’s wife.

OT/ Had my FIFTH interview for the same job. It seems it will be the last. Been a busy 3 weeks with 9 total interviews after a stunning and disastrous 1 (the memory of being fucked over still pisses me off but not as intense as it did before) in 17ish months. Will find out early next week.

I’m taking nothing for granted and still acting as if nothing changed until I get a job offer.

When that letter appeared, Mr. SFL and I wondered (a) why the NYT ran it, and (b) who the hell it was about. I was guessing someone from the Peace Corps, high up in the State Department/USAID.

@ManchuCandidate: Fingers and paws crossed for you.

Also, happy birthday to two Stinquers, Blogenfreude and DrinkyClown, who isn’t around here as much as he should be.

Petraeus = not family values asshole, affair now public so he can’t be blackmailed, presumably no leaks of classified material (she is being investigated for potentially hacking his email), no laws were broken (a la Vitter) … why should this man lose his job?

And keep in mind – DP is set to make millions in the private sector. Offers are already pouring in, guaranteed.

@blogenfreude: The whole “FBI investigating the CIA head” is the interesting part of the story for me, not who’s knocking boots. Timing is a little suspicious too.

@blogenfreude: Why should he lose his job? Clearly, allowing someone to get close enough to hack his email/open him up to blackmail means he’s too stupid to handle the job responsibilities.

What, no jokes about her book title All In? C’mon, people.


Yeah, it’s Rupert. But credit where due.

@ManchuCandidate: Get yourself a union, boy.

Don’t mind if I call you ‘boy’. Among my people it’s a term of affection. Among other things. For example if you’re wearing a dog collar. It doesn’t mean I want to pull down your Dockers and spank you. Unless you’re into motel wrestling. And dog collars. We could talk. I have my own leather equipment and basement. Let me put it out there: tighty whites or boxers?

Going on, if I get more than 3 callbacks they pay me. By the way, you didn’t wear assless chaps to your last interview, did you? I’m guessing not. You’re Canadian. What with the frost and wind chill and shrinkage factor… Not a good look when when what you’re going for is plump and growing and juicy and uncontrollable hosepipe spraying goodness all about…

Oh no. I hit the headboard. What’s to do? No one likes cum in their eye.

Speaking of uncontrollable cumspraying hosepipe goodness: Mounties: What do they mount? (Catt: wanna jump in?)

Manchu. Fingers crossed, big guy. The gays got your back. Among other things. Do we need to discuss underwear? Hint: thongs will not make you happy. I don’t care what noje says. Who does he loove? We love you.

@SanFranLefty: Good God, you read the NY Times? That’s like Galadriel reading Orc Daily. I was fascinated that the ‘ethicyst’ would print said letter then reprove, ethically, in a very Brooklyn Heights co-op board this-is-why-you-can’t-live-here-on- account-of-how-we’re-breastfeeding-at-Fair-Trade-Rainforest-java-cafe-you’re-not-our-kind-of-people-way- the author for not being ethical for writing the letter while yet printing said unethical letter.

And such as.

@Benedick: Seems Chuck Klosterman took over as Ethicist when I wasn’t looking. (Spoiler alert: I never look.)

Best line from Wikipedia bio: “Klosterman is the author of seven books and a set of cards.”

LOL No assless chaps as it snowed a little.

Thanks everyone.

@ManchuCandidate: ” No assless chaps as it snowed a little.”

I nominate this for the Stinquer comment of the day.

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