The Road to Cavalry

“Horses and bayonets both remain vital parts of the U.S. arsenal.” —Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, shoveling as fast as it can.


What’s amazing is that Mitt seems to be getting a free pass for Landlocked Iran.

@nojo: Because the majority of Americans don’t know he was wrong.

@Mistress Cynica: Include “the majority of Media” in that for the proper effect. I personally may not be an expert in Mideast geography, but it would be nice if Professional Journalists explained it to me, instead of dwelling on whether Mitt looked Preznidential enough.

I daresay that Tuck is drawing upon his own experience as a member of the military.

Huh. Turns out my conception of Middle East geography was off in some fairly important ways. Not an area I’ve ever studied in any detail (missing, as I have, 99.5% of TV coverage of all the shit going down there, where maps might come into play).

@Mistress Cynica: Not to fret. I was on the shuttle with fellow int’l development workers, minding my own business while they whined about Mitney claiming that Turkey was Iran’s pathway to the sea. In other words, people who have to think about geography for a living apparently can get away with just not paying fucking attention.

Okay, fret.

Nothing like Rmoney’s insane compulsive lying, sneering, and mocking the poor and (formerly) middle class combined with his huge jump in poll numbers to restore faith in our fellow citizens. He’d put Joseph Goebbels to shame.

Kee-rist people are such fooking slackjawed, gullible, glassy-eyed, mouth-breathing, hateful, sadistic, white trash submorons. Can’t half this gawdam KKKuntree just forget to breathe already???

“I need a drink, Roz. I’m takin’ the rest of the day off!”


TJ/ Er. If you’re around, sent you PMs on FB. Questions. Index cards going strong. Must. Get. Tape. Recorder.

@nojo:Most Americans know as little about geography as they do history, especially now that the history channel has forsaken documentaries for grub roots picking over others unwanted shit. I recently attempted to show that the no good commies helped us out quite bit in WW2 in a post on a local newspaper story only to be reminded by a Tennessee Teabagger that Germany kicked Russia’s ass in WW2.

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