Pumping Iron

In anticipation of tonight’s Veep debate….here’s Smithers trying to look like Ahnold.

[SF Chronicle]

Buthisface. Oh well, at least the ears would give me something to grab onto.

@Dodgerblue: I hate it when people dishonor the flag and the institution of the prezdincy by photoshopping politicians’ faces onto bodies that are clearly not theirs. It’s so childish.

@¡Andrew!: As they’re known: hate-fuck ears.

Photographic evidence like lighting, perspective and color rendition suggests either that’s really a matching head and body, or someone worked really hard to pull that shit off. Doesn’t keep him from being a horrible sack of shit, of course. It just means he’s a slave to his body as well as to being a horrible sack of shit.

@Benedick: In my job, I don’t have much need for the ability to curl a 40-pound dumbbell. And at home, a bottle of beer (full) weighs about a pound.

@Dodgerblue: Curl a 40lb dumbell like that and by the time you’re 50 you’ll need a new shoulder.

Is that a face any mother would want to punch or what?

The photo must be from his Rent-Boy ad.

@IanJ: Multiple media outlets say the photo was taken by Time magazine last year.

The muppets take Manhattan steroids.

@SanFranLefty: Makes sense, it looks like the level of studio work I’d expect from Time. Certainly not one of their great mid-century shots, of course.

I want to know who did the styling.

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