Mitt Stiffs Staff at Denver Chipotle

“Skipping a beverage, the pol’s total was $18.25. Romney pulled out a $20 spot and left the $1.75 change in the tip jar.” Which comes to, um, 9.5 percent. [The Daily]


So the guy tips even less than what he pays in taxes? Stay classy, Mitt.*

*In fairness, though… Chipotle is a fast food joint.

@Serolf Divad: But it’s a fast-food joint with a tip jar. And while you or I wouldn’t worry about tossing in the spare change from a twenty, a quarter-billionaire preznidential candidate who can’t have the Wrong People tending his estate should be more aware.

Dude on Mitt’s left is saying “yo, look who I had to pose with for this stupid ass fry job!” while la gente to his right are thinking “ohchristpleasedon’tdeportourasses”.

So if Mittens winz, and “Personhood laws” are introduced, does they mean the foetus has the right to bear arms?

I mean will the baby come out shooting? So you have to stuff a glock up your vag butt first to ensure you aren’t violating their 2nd amendment rights?

And will the OB-Gyn/Mid-wife have to wear SWAT armour to deliver an armed baby? And who pays for the counselling for the kid when the OB-Gyn/MidWife returns fire in self-defense and traumatises it at birth? “ON YOUR KNEES, HANDS ON YOUR HEAD, DON’T MOVE” I can see lots of babies in orange onsies and zip-lock cuffs in the nursery.

I mean hung by your ankles and spanked is easy compared to being arrested at birth!

Do you arm your baby at birth? Are you denying them the right to bear arms? And who is responsible if the OB-Gyn/Mid-wife takes a round between the eyes? Does the baby fry in the electric-crib, or does the mother bear responsibility?

But if, you know, they have rights, who can say?

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