“Gosh, You Look Awfully Spry for 78, Mr. Lehrer!”

“Romney’s advisers have a simple strategy: They want their candidate to balance his finely tuned arguments with personal warmth.” [NRO]


Remember when they said John Kerry was a shoe-in to defeat W? The Mittbot 3000 is not yet dead. You have been warned.

@blogenfreude: Five weeks is plenty of time for Bibi to start hurling missiles at Tehran.

@blogenfreude: I don’t know who They are, but if I was following my favorite electoral-vote site at the time, I wouldn’t have believed them.

Mittbot 3000 is dead, and always has been. The only question is whether citizens will be allowed to vote.

ADD: If you scroll down the page to the 2004 charts, you’ll see that Kerry was flying high in August — right up to the moment he got swiftboated. By September 1, the race was up for grabs. By October 1, Bush was coming off his strongest month all season.

Memories of Kerry’s lead are either flawed, or based on irrelevant national polls. There was no surprise — none — in the state counts.

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