Don’t Believe Your Eyes!

Mittslide! goes Mainstream!

Fox & Friends: The Polls Are Rigged! [TPM]

I was just wondering what she looks like without the makeup and the wig.

But, no matter! The liberal media is stacking the deck against Romney! Battle Stations! Arm the disinformation cannon! Lock down the scandal gantries! Release the hounds!

This explains climate-change denialism.


– Jon Stewart

But it’s okay if THEY do it.

“But I worry about the people’s perception of our show that don’t watch it, because the people that do watch understand that we’re being attacked through comedy.”— Brick Tamland errr, I mean Brian Kilmeade.

<jaw drop> Huh? </jaw drop>
“stop laughing at us, we’re serious! Stop laughing!!!”

hoo boy…

Currently the only poll on Republican favorite UnSkewedPolls showing Obama ahead is the Fox News one. Oh, sweet irony.

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