Great Moments in Denials

Also, “I Am Not a Crook” and “I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman”.


Of course not. He would have to have human emotions for that.

BTW. How did we get from 47% of the nation pay no income tax to 47% live off government handouts?

@Benedick: Yes. I wonder. My 82 year old Mother collects Social Security and is on Medicare. She pays an additional premium out of pocket for supplemental insurance.
Her Medicare Premium is deducted each month from her SS check and then she pays income tax on up to 85% of her SS earnings before the premium deduction. She’s a real deadbeat.

@Benedick: The more interesting question is how we got to the no-income-tax part. Hats off to the Earned Income Tax Credit — which reduces income tax on the poor — and was largely expanded by Reagan in 1986.

In other words: wingnuts are bitching that a generation-old GOP program did exactly what it was supposed to do.

@nojo: Even more interesting the “helots” in the capital of Mormonstan are asking the question is Romney one of the 47%?

@nojo: Doesn’t Mittens aspire to be part of the 47%, or why the hell else does he spend so much time, money, and energy dodging his obligation to pay taxes as a citizen of these United States?

Cognitive dissonance much?

Dis dain, dat dain. Doesn’t matter which dain; we have it all on video.

I’m a little surprised no one has highlighted this gem (from the transcript MoJo helpfully put up):

Oh, I just, we didn’t talk about immigration today. Gosh, I’d love to bring in more legal immigrants that have skill and [unintelligible]. I’d like to staple a green card to every Ph.D. in the world and say, “Come to America, we want you here.” Instead, we make it hard for people who get educated here or elsewhere to make this their home. Unless, of course, you have no skill or experience, in which case you’re welcome to cross the border and stay here for the rest of your life. [Audience laughs.]

Explain that during your next Univision appearance, Mittens.

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