Except for the Entitled Dependent Victims

“Mitt Romney places his trust in the American people, not in government.” —Romney campaign manager Matt Rhoades, desperately hoping that nobody’s paying attention. [via email]


Shouldn’t that read: “Mitt Romney places his trust in 53% of the American people?” (but could give fuck all for the rest).

If Romney doesn’t believe in the government, are we to assume he would be a pretend president?

The Untrusted, led by the Untrustworthy…

A friend of mine has spent the last few days here in rockytopistan explaining via the comments section in the local newspaper that the 47% Rmoney spoke of are the exact same people Rmoney is counting on to carry the confederacy and give Rmoney even a sliver of hope come November. My friend has met with much consternation, ire, and of course illiterate retorts in reply. Fortunately for Rmoney, the southern 47 %ers are too dumb to know who they are and that he was calling them deadbeats. If Obama had said the same about them, thar shore would be a fyatt over it, by god. ( i hope i spelled the southern pronounciation of fight correctly)

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