Hold the Anchovies

Selected Yelp reviews for Big Apple Pizza, of Fort Pierce, Florida. Of the restaurant’s 1,921 reviews, all but two were posted Monday.

“support marxist president.. go down in flames” —Blue C., Beverly Hills, CA

“Liberal OWS urine on floor, Obama left the place smelling like a monkey” —Randy K., Jacksonville, FL

“I will not eat from traitor’s hands and I’ll never take food from man who DIDN’T BUILD his business.” —Ib G., Las Vegas, NV

“You are officially a member of Obama’s socialist outfit. Since the rich will fold up and leave, it will be businesses like you to work 24/7 and help pay for the dependant class Obama will use to hang on to power.” —Leyla K., Glendale, CA

“Their disgusting pizza gave me explosive diarrhea :(” —David R., San Diego, CA

“There is no way I would eat the pizza from this establishment even if it was free.” —Derrick G., Birmingham, AL

“Went there during my summer vacation. It was nasty. Not surprised the owner is an Obama hack!!” —Jose C., Highland, NY

“A republican who obviously likes the idea of same sex marriage. Shame, shame, shame! Traitors are in it for the money, so what are you getting?” —Bite M., Beverly Hills, CA

“i will only return if/when he pile drives obama into the floor the next chance he has. he is not even close to being a republican. besides, his grinning makes me sick and his holding this jerk is sickening too !” —George W., Canton, OH

“Too many offensive comments here from Dems. I guess Yelp is a liberal site.” —Rich K., Plano, TX

Big Apple Pizza [Yelp]

Scott Van Duzer’s Big Apple Pizza Gets Negative Yelp Reviews After Owner Bear-Hugs Obama [HuffPo]


And the kicker? He’s a GOPer.

I don’t know if anyone here is a yelp user, but I’ve found Yelp reviews to be next to useless.

Yelp is a liberal site? What’s in the water in Plano, Texas?

A second later, three Secret Service agents took him down.

Let’s wrap this one up:

GoDaddy has confirmed that its DNS problems yesterday, which caused thousands of websites to go down for most of the day, are now finished. And while an alleged member of the hacktivist group Anonymous was claiming responsibility for the situation yesterday, GoDaddy says that it wasn’t an external network attack that caused it: it was “a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables.”

Or, in English: GoDaddy’s series of tubes backed up.

@ManchuCandidate: Reviews here are usually vindictive. One complained the management wouldn’t let the reviewer bring in their own food. Classy.

@Dodgerblue: Fluoride,mercury and bile.

@texrednface: Back in high school, we did that at the local McDonald’s: Bring in a sack lunch, buy a Coke.

I don’t recall whether that pissed off The Management, but those were simpler times. Except, well, Watergate.

The American Right Wing = The largest organized trolling organisation in the country, next to 4chan.

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: Remember all those Wired utopian fantasies about how the Internet would bring out the best in humanity?


Okay, fine. I do. It was one of the instant-ironic pleasures of reading Wired in the nineties.

@ManchuCandidate: It varies a lot by city/region. In DC, where WaPo still hasn’t figured out the whole user friendly thing (there’s no fucking search box on the goddamn mobile site!), it’s far and away the best online option for restaurant reviews. In Louisville (and pretty much anywhere else in Kentucky), not so much.

T/J: Twitter keeps suggesting that I follow Gavin Newsome, aka Lefty’s Mayor McGoodhair. I’m insulted.

@Dodgerblue: Twitter keeps suggesting that I follow Ruth Buzzi. Which is, in its own special way, fucking awesome.

@Dodgerblue: Don’t blame me! I’m insulted for you. That asshat moved to Marin within a week of his mayoral term ending. Apparently his trustafarian breeder wife was afraid their precious snowflake children would run into all those ethnic kiddos and children of gheys at McKinley Elementary in the Castro. Good riddance, all I give a shit about is so much for the extra SFPD protection for the neighborhood, now the tweakers will be breaking into my car again.

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