The Secret Life of Twins

This clip is making the rounds because the Impossibly Adorable Baby Twins are grooving out to Daddy’s guitar.

But look at that glimpse they throw each other. Twice.

These proto-conscious humans are eleven months old. They know something. And whatever it is, they’re not telling us. Until it’s too late.

[via Know Your Meme]

@Mistress Cynica: Agree. Dad better not leave the car keys around.

They’re boys. They’ll both be trouble, and together watch out! As Dave Barry famously said, two boys have half the brains and twice the destructive power of one boy. The most hilarious parts of my extended family’s FAMILY SAGA were the work of my brother and our cousin who was the same age: Perry and Gary, a dreadful duo.

@lynnlightfoot: But the mom says “hi girls” at the beginning of the video, doesn’t she?

@Mistress Cynica: I don’t know what prejudices I’m prey to, but I also thought they were boys — and wrote that into the blurb — until I watched a second time.

I’m finding out the troubles with twins start long before they’re born. My lovely daughter Anne has spent over 8 weeks lying in a hospital bed because she was showing signs of very premature labor. Her cervix was thinning so much her OB/GYN literally gave her one hour to get to the hospital. She gets out of bed only to use the bathroom and take a shower. Thankfully she is supposed to be released next Sunday and we hope she has normal labor before her C-section is scheduled in early October.

Those two boys are so going to owe their mom FOREVER!

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