Let a Thousand Deflowerers Bloom

A new statue in Zhengzhou, China, depicts a young pig giving his mother a back massage, teaching Chinese children an important lesson in the value of keeping a straight face.

[via Sully]

@ManchuCandidate: I can’t top that one. You win the Internets!

As I wondered yesterday, were the cops drunk?

Video surveillance footage, Mr. Browne said, shows that most of the wounded bystanders were closer to the Empire State Building, while the shooter was near the curb. … Video released by the Police Department shows no one close to the gunman.

How do you shoot that many times without aiming when that’s your fucking job?

Also too, in regards to the topic of the post: Is that what they call it?

So this is what “moo shoo” pork means.

Why do the pigs have human arms and rabbit legs?

@SanFranLefty: Hey Lefty, ya see we picked up Adrian Gonzalez? We’re coming after Timmy and your boys.

I can only think of the pigs in Animal Farm. I think Orwell would find this amusing.

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