Communist Weather Service Heeds Rush’s Plea, Decides to Attack Alabama Instead

Tropical Storm Isaac [NOAA]


10:54 am • Friday • August 24, 2012


Anyway, these things are always unpredictable. I’m still holding out hope for a Category 5 that mysteriously wipes out the GOP convention center but does no collateral damage to any other structure.

11:18 am • Friday • August 24, 2012

Never mind. See below.

11:37 am • Friday • August 24, 2012

10 shot in Manhattan at the Empire State. 2 dead.

11:38 am • Friday • August 24, 2012

@Serolf Divad: My favorite and only Uncle lives in Tampa. And then there are the manatees. The manatees always suffer in tropical storms and floods. I just don’t want to hear how god blessed the GOP by turning the storm.

see above

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