Mitt Romney Offers Hilarious Impression of Todd Akin’s Empty Chair

Romney Campaign Forbids Local Reporter From Asking About Akin, Abortion [TPM]


The Romney campaign told TPM that asking for stipulations for interviews is not standard practice.

“This is not how we operate,” a campaign official said. “The matter is being addressed.”

The phrase you’re looking for is “ask forgiveness later”.


CBS shut THAT video down pretty quick … must be that Mormon money.

@blogenfreude: Or an automation system. YouTube copyright bots are fast.

But heck, I’ll leave it as is. It was just a few seconds of the reporter introducing the segment, and explaining that the Romney campaign made the interview conditional upon no questions about Akin or abortion. Celebrities do that all the time — but preznidential candidates?

@blogenfreude: Well, heck, since Mediaite isn’t beholden to YouTube, let’s run their copy…

@nojo: and it will be up elsewhere within minutes, most likely …

@blogenfreude: typed that 2 hrs ago and forgot to submit … so there you are.

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