Also, STFU About Our Platform

Our guest columnist is concerned that the latest wave of truth-telling might get out of hand.

On its opening evening in Tampa, the Republican National Convention should vote on prime-time television to denounce Akin, reject his wretched comments, disassociate the party from him, and pledge that no GOP resources will be deployed to support his campaign. Each delegation should express itself on this matter through a roll call of the states. The decision should be overwhelming, if not unanimous, against Akin.

Akin: Face the Wrath of the GOP Convention [NRO]

Meanwhile, McCaskill is suddenly up by 10 points — according to Rasmussen, which notoriously oversamples conservatives.

I should call the next hurricane post “The Perfect Storm”…

How much you want to bet not a single one of my comments makes it through moderation over there? And I did not say “fuck” even once!

@ManchuCandidate: TPM is being careful to describe them as “purported internal documents”, but Gawker’s John Cook knows his shit.

Mitt’s just a merry-go-round of fun right now. As soon as you get bored with one subject, another swings around.

I had no problem posting there. My post from 3 days ago (which even got 4 likes):

This would be the Todd Akin whose ideas about women not getting pregnant when raped came directly from Dr. John C. Willke, the man of whom Mitt Romney said, “Thank you for your support ,we agree on almost everything.” ?

The same Dr. John C. Willke whose 2007 endorsement elicited Mitt Romney to say, ”I am proud to have the support of a man who
has meant so much to the pro-life movement in our country.” ?

The same Dr. John C. Willke who just announced, “The pro-life
movement and I unequivocally stand with Rep. Akin.” ?

The same Dr. John C. Willke of whom Paul Ryan said regarding his views on abortion, “That’s where I’m at.” ?

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