Articles We Did Finish Reading, But Looked In Vain for “Higher Taxes” as Part of a Long-Term Solution

“Here’s what I fear will happen instead. The Obama campaign will not take the other side in a high-minded debate. Instead, it will relentlessly attack Romney-Ryan for plotting to ‘end Medicare as we know it,’ and for leaving the poor to go hungry without food stamps and suffer, even die, without health insurance. In the process, the Obama campaign will rule out not only the Romney-Ryan plans, but also less draconian reforms that might be part of a long-term solution.” [“Why Demogoguing Paul Ryan is Bad For Democrats”, New Republic]


Sometimes I surprise myself at what pisses me off.

ADD: Social “reforms” always — always — benefit the wealthy. And any discussion of “reform” that doesn’t include a better tax structure is pure bullshit.

To wit: Anybody who discusses “reform” without starting by removing the cap on Social Security taxes — and hey, graduating the Social Security/Medicare tax as well, plus broadening the base from “wages” — isn’t being Serious. They’re being a Tool.

Start there, then tell me what’s left over. Then we’ll talk.

Wouldn’t having the Dems “take the OTHER side in a high-minded debate” require that the GOP decide to join that debate? Or at a minimum, get the teabaggers to stop trying to light the stage on fire?

Mr. Galston seems to have spent the last 3 years with his head up his ass – FFS, the GOP has spent nearly every bit of that time shrieking that THEIR OWN HCR PLAN was twenty Hitlers; they aren’t going to just sit down and chat about the issues.

High minded? Spare me that high minded bullshit.

There is a time to go for the throat and that time is now. Considering a lot of the GOPers are acting like petulant children there’s no point in being high minded.*

*I made that mistake with my ex-housemate. Have regretted it since despite successfully kicking his fat ass out of my house.

@ManchuCandidate: The first rule of Wealth Club is you do not talk about Wealth Club.

I’m moving to France. I have my eye on a hovel in the Auvergne. Non. Ce n’est pas de wifi. Bouvez le bon vin de pays, monsieur Limey. Le email? Qu’est ce quon ça? (OK. First step is refreshing my putrid schoolboy Franch. Second step is getting all the dogs a perm.)

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