What’s Your Favorite, Like, Restaurant Chain?


I prefer Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Their vanilla ice blended (no whip) is better than sin.

If two locations makes it a chain, then El Parasol in the Santa Fe area for their chicharron burrito. I used to like Lota Burger (New Mexico only) for the green chili cheese burger but I’m not eating that many of them these days.

Out of town foodie friends are taking us out tonight. I did a pretty good job for them the other night with ribeyes and pan seared asparagus with home grown squash and tomatoes, but I didn’t serve them until after I had already plied them with drink.

@Dodgerblue: They just opened a location near me in the Hinckley Hilton. Total domination of the East Coast can’t be too far behind.

I can’t hate Starbucks because one of their baristas prevented a complete toddler meltdown when my 1-year-old niece ran out of soy milk in the middle of downtown San Fran and no stores nearby had any. They even put it in her sippy cup and gently steamed it. My sister and I were in tears of gratitude.

Favorite chain: Burgerville. It’s almost three-berry lemonade season!

@Dodgerblue: They’ve got a couple of those up here in Ess Eff. They’re no Peet’s or Philz Coffee, but they’ll do in a pinch.

Favorite chain – 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. What a heart attack.

For coffee gotta hava Wawa.

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