Jesus Christ, it’s only the 5th of the month and we already have a mass slaughter by a crazed shooter, this time in an act of “domestic terrorism” directed at Sikh Americans.  Unfortunately, Sikhs have been killed before by ignorant jackasses who thought they were Muslim. Brown, bearded, wearing a turban? Obviously, must be a terr-rist!  (Not that it would ever be acceptable to kill random Muslims, this inability to tell the difference between Sikhs and Muslims is more a telling statement on the lack of knowledge/education in the idiocracy known as the U-S-A.)

From the AP:

Since 9/11, Sikh groups in the United States have reported a rise in bias attacks. There have been more than 700 reports of hate-related incidents against Sikhs since the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, according to the Associated Press. “Sikhs don’t practice the same religion as Muslims,” the AP noted, “but their long beards and turbans often cause them to be mistaken for Muslims, advocates say.”

In the wake of the shooting in Wisconsin, law enforcement officials in other cities, including New York City, increased patrols near Sikh temples on Sunday. However, there is no known threat against Sikh temples in New York, the NYPD said.


Another attack on Christianity that has nothing to do with guns, so don’t bring it up.

I’ve had more Sikh taxi drivers than I can count, and they’ve always been very polite. Oh, and none were Arabs.

On a lighter note – worked today and taxi driver home was … a woman! Third female driver I’ve had in the 11 years I’ve been here.

I wish it were unthinkable, but it’s hardly even shocking anymore. Mr Cyn was doing research on internet wine sales and discovered that in many states it’s easier to buy a gun over the internet than a bottle of wine. A case of pinot noir is apparently in need of far more regulation than a semi-automatic. And it’s not like any politician who’s currently deploring this senseless tragedy is going to have the stones to do a single, solitary thing about making it more difficult to buy a gun. Not going to happen. More people will die, and again they will say how tragic it all is. And on and on, because they’re more afraid of the NRA than they are of innocent people dying.
Bitter, party of one!

CNN reporting the gunman was a 40 year old man who is an alleged white supremacist.

@Mistress Cynica: Can I join you at your table?

We have a Sikh temple in my neighborhood and many of the congregants live nearby. They’re lovely, kind, quiet people. It’s a shame morons like that have to go and ruin it all.

@SanFranLefty: Pull up a chair. I’ll order another round bottle.

The Sikh community in New Mexico is dominated by bearded and turbaned white people who adopted the religion and Skih names. Every Democratic politician in the state has to kiss major Sikh ass because they are a huge donor pool. Some affect the wearing of ceremonial daggers and Indian style clothing. Former Gov. Bill Richardson named a state highway for the late yogi.

Fun fact: the Transportation Commission chairman named in the story is a rich oil guy, huge Dem donor and former coke dealer. The current GOP gov of New Mexico refused to put his name on the new state university baseball field the guy paid for because of his past brushes with the law. He and his wife and really nice people.

Not only is this guy ignorant because of his hate, he’s ignorant because he can’t even direct his hatred correctly.

I say we let him live, and ship him to Calcutta.

@Mistress Cynica: I heard this morning. A better fate than he deserved.

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