Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror

NASA rocket scientists are preparing for tomorrow when Curiosity, a roving robot/laboratory is scheduled to land on Mars and begin gathering all sorts of interesting things for scientific research. But first the thing has to actually land on Mars, and the engineers have named the planned landing “seven minutes of terror.”

They’ve even come up with a groovy video illustrating how the landing (hopefully) will occur.

[SF Chronicle: Curiosity to Make Tricky Mars Landing]
[Jet Propulsion Laboratory]

Might be some video coverage from JPL.

This has elements of nearly every space movie I’ve ever seen. To paraphrase Dr. Fraaaaankenshteeeen … IT. COULD. WORK!!!

I saw this video on PC World (or I was high). It’s midnight ET tonight, right?

I think Misty May and Kerri Walsh have some sports psychologist or something named Dr. Michael Gervais (sp?) (or I’m high).

¡Andrew!: got your email. i”ll respond when I’m not high. But if I understand it, sounds like a plan. My email address stays the same, and there”s free wifi at the place.

@JNOV: Got it ; )

I’m finishing a term paper today and studying for a final on Wednesday, so it’s a wild bacchanalia en mi casa as usual.

Live from JPL! Bonus points for watching it over AppleTV via AirPlay.

OSMF Playback Error!!! Like, a bunch.

Watching live … they did it. Hell, tax dollars well spent – WE did it!

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