What Do You Have to Do to Win Tucker’s Bowtie?

On Monday the conservative website Daily Caller, home to colossal douchebag Tucker Carlson, was hacked by a merry bunch of pranksters. Their banner ads featured nothing but ads for hard-core pornographic websites.  (No word yet if the view/click numbers went through the roof as a million cheeto-stained teabagger hands clicked through).

In any event, what is the Daily Caller doing about this?

They have challenged their readers to track down the hackers, and if you find them, you win a free 9-millimeter pistol that has the Bill of Rights engraved on the side of it. It’s unclear if the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments are included.

If you don’t have the mad tech skillz, you can write an essay describing what you’d do to the hackers.

Submit your essay or technical information here.


Almost all the people who go on DWTS are admitting they are has-beens. One exception – Adam Carolla. And his turn on Celebrity Apprentice should have killed his career, but didn’t.

Apparently the FMK (“For My Kountry” – really) 9mm the Daily Caller is giving away is a cheap ass piece of shit pistol that needs a gimmick like the paraphrased Bill of Rights engraving (plus some other clever dogshit like “Ted Kennedy, good drinker, bad lifeguard — Diane Feinstein wants your guns and money — Ronald Reagan true American hero, etc.” engraved elsewhere on the gun) to move units.

One buyer said: “I took my new “Bill of Rights” gun to the range to test it it out. Oh boy was I disappointed. I used my standard federal 9mm from walmart. I loaded two magazines and shot exactly 14 times and then gave up. Fourteen rounds and exactly five failures to eject! After the first one I paid real attention to make sure I wasn’t limp wristing because my ruger 9c1 will stovepipe if I limp wrist. I stopped firing because I didn’t have confidence in the gun. I will strip it and clean and lubricate it and try it once more.”

Other guys said they liked it fine for a $300 pistol, but that money would be better spent on a higher quality gun like a Glock or a Springfield XD. A significant break in period was recommended. On the other hand, my $500 Glock shot well right out of the box. I quit counting after I put 2,000 rounds through it without any major problems.

Real world price for a 9mm Ruger LC9 is $350 or less. Great little gun, accurate as hell at the 10 yard range it was designed for. Excellent quality from a reputable US manufacturer.

@redmanlaw: Genuine question – any handgun w/out a scope accurate to 50 yards?

@blogenfreude: If you shoot from a rest or bipod, you could be fairly accurate out to that distance.


No wonder I missed so much when I shot .357 so long ago from standing position. Target had to be at least 25 feet away.

@blogenfreude: I’m going to the range maybe next week to shoot a variety of pistols at 20 – 25 yards. I’ll report back.

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