Doubling Down

The governor of Maine is a sociopath:

Paul LePage. Bobby Jindal, Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Jan Brewer – when will people learn that electing batshit GOP governors is always a losing proposition.


We’re doomed. . . doomed as doomed could be!
Oh yes, and Jamie Dimond lost over 4B and only affected PROFITS 9%!

It seems to me he is saying we have never before had a federally mandated law in the United States. The government has never told any state that we had to do anything before this. Does he pay taxes by any chance? According to the United States is #88 on the death rate list in the world. Canada is #102. This must mean the Canadians are coming down to the U.S. to die following his logic.

@coolg: And why doesn’t anybody bring up manditory auto insurance? It’s okay for a state to mandate a purchase, but not the Federal Government?

The ignorance astounds me.

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