Best View Yet of San Diego Fireworks Foulup (LOUD)

Very VERY Loud – turn down your speakers before you play it.


You’re not getting it in Sensurround — the fucking nine-second rumble that almost felt like an earthquake.

Also, that’s the most spectacular Sandy Eggo fireworks show since the Super Bowl. Folks are going to cherish memories of it for a long time.

The Freeh report is out re Penn State and Sandusky. Punitive damages vs Penn State, anyone?

Hmmm, based on what (little) I know of tort law. I think it is going to be in the neighborhood of hundreds of millions based on punitive (and there will be) damages.

@ManchuCandidate: the Catholic Church molestation cases in So Cal settled for around $1 million per plaintiff. Seems low to me based on what we now know about Penn State’s involvement, as an institution, with child rape.

From a cursory review of some of Pennsyltucky’s finest fishwraps – and their curmudgeonly commenters – PSU alum are remarkably supportive of the Fall. Early days, of course, but I sense a distancing from the veneration of JoePa of the past – now it’s all about preserving The Institution.

Tear down Saddam’s statue and remove the Baathists, such as.

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