When the Randians Aren’t Stroking Out About SCOTUS and Obamacare

I wish I could make this shit up. Because then it wouldn’t be real.


To be clear: SFL’s post is worth your time. COMMENT HERE, on Lefty’s post, and not on that post from that sucker from Chicago, who’s probably scheming with Bill Ayers and Rev. Jeremiah “NAH NAH NAH” Wright as we speak.

It is somewhat gratifying to me that most of the states that will be affected are red as hell and think Rand is dandy. So fine. Be asshats. No blue state money for your washed-away house. Bwahahahahaha!
Yes, I am now that mean and bitter.

I am in a Twitterfight with some guy who can’t define the word “socialist” to my satisfaction, yet can assert that 50% of the country is on foodstamps (and not paying taxes). I had to go to that Communist rag, the Wall Street Journal, to notify him that the number is actually 15%.

It’s an uphill battle out there.

@matador1015: Just cuss him out. I’ll do it. Once sec. (Is he a friend of yours?)

Oh, shit

Claims that law enforcement engaged in a deadly plot to let Mexican outlaws smuggle US guns, the magazine reports, are based on allegations by a lone whistleblower who may in fact be the only person who did any illegal gun-smuggling. The real cause of violence and crime south of the border, it reports, is lax gun laws in Arizona and elsewhere pushed by Republicans and their friends at the National Rifle Association.


What I can’t follow is why Aqua Buddha expected anybody to pay attention to his amendment / tantrum: he’s already made it QUITE clear that he thinks flood insurance (among other things) is OMG SOSHAMALISM SALVERY!, so why would he vote for the bill, uterus-aquarium restrictions or not?

He lacks the gravitas to be another GW Bush. There, I said it.

@I’m passing for white: That’s the point. I refuse to get personal. I’m just stating facts. He still clings to his talking points, but I don’t want the discussion to devolve into a flame war, at least not on my end.

@I’m passing for white: Well, OK, but your input would have made it more interesting.

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