Fast and Furious FAIL

Issa is just making shit up now:

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Well who doesn’t have contempt for this KKKongriss?

I’m stunned.

1) Weak gun laws
2) That hamstrung police and lawyers
3) Which end up allowing criminals to buy guns
4) That kill a law enforcement agent
5) Who was used by the GOPers
6) To demonstrate the “badness” of Obamer’s ATF/Justice Dept yet
7) It’s been the GOPers being
8) Minions of the NRA who is basically the lobbyists of the gun manufacturers
9) To hamstring laws so to make it easier to sell guns


TJ/ I totally don’t get the blurb.

It’s because he’s black, isn’t it…

@ManchuCandidate: By constantly harping on the “weak gun laws” that prevented interdiction of otherwise lawfully purchased firearms, the libs and the media are doing the work of the Right. As you know, they believe FnF is all about imposing new restrictions on firearms purchases as well as ownership.

Remember how they freaked out over the short-lived policy to have border state gun shops record and report sales of multiple firearms to single purchasers? Beginnings of a national firearms registry to be used to round up guns and gun owners when TSHTF, Dems outlaw guns, etc. Any restrictions are bad, according to the crowd who believes that the 1934 National Firearms Act outlawing private ownership of fully automatic weapons was a huge blow to freedom.

There is no reasoning with people who believe that no regulations on a tool that decides life and death is freedom.

My curiosity regarding this is that it reflects a problem we have in Canada City where a lot of the arms found on criminals are purchased from the States–to be fair many are also stolen registered weapons. Not a flood, but enough to be a concern to Canada City Cops (while the gun happy Harper gubbiment is trying to reconcile its “love” of guns vs it’s “love” of law and order.)

@ManchuCandidate: Freedom abhors a vacuum. We’re just trying to help you guys out.

Didn’t somebody call politics stardom for ugly people? Mr. Issa is only ugly inside, but he is relishing every second of the attention paid to his cynical and disingenuous game that cannot be won, given the security considerations for the American people. He knows perfectly well that the documents he seeks probably won’t even get review by a judge in his chambers, much less disseminated to a bunch of morons in a committee meeting.

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