He is officially my favorite actor:


I first saw him in Track 29… oh, shit; 24 years ago? How time flies.

He was magnificent in Tinker Tailor … I will buy the BluRay. That movie made me go back and watch the Alec Guinness TTSS and Smiley’s People again – some of the best television ever made.

Gary Oldman is the actor I never recognize. Dunno what it is, I’ll be half way through a movie, then all of a sudden, “Oh shit, he did it again! That’s Gary Oldman, isn’t it!” Always so good.

Speaking of Gary Oldman, he’s featured to great effect in Prada’s new ad campaign. To my mind, though, Jamie Bell’s mien is so naturally imperious that he blows everyone else out of the water.

@mellbell: He is so malleable – he can do anything.

70s day here today – Jaws, now Manhattan will be screened.

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