Our Comprehensive Analysis of the Kreep vs. Peed Birther County Judge Election in San Diego

Who the fuck votes for county judge?

Gary Kreep Says His ‘Birther’ Positions Do Not Relate To Being A Judge [KPBS]

Who the fuck votes for county judge?

Apparently not enough of you ….

@blogenfreude: Oh, sure. But it’s not like the result of an unpublicized county judge election demonstrates anything. I made a comment about Kreep v. Peed when I got my sample ballot, and then, being a Responsible Voter, I looked up who they were. If I was in a hurry, I would have ignored that race.

@nojo: If there’s a recall provision, you need to get on it. The insane need to be purged, starting with Bachmann, Gohmert, and Pete King.

@nojo: I love how CA sends out sample ballots–in like a billiondy languages. If you’re not paying attention in some states, you get there and are blindsided by crazy shit.

@blogenfreude: To be replaced by the even more insane. I have better things to do.

@JNOV: The sample ballots are welcome, but they don’t help that much. Every ballot measure is a scam, and it’s an effort to figure out what the scam is.

Case in point: A “term-limit” measure that actually extends term limits. Since I don’t care for term limits in the first place, I didn’t mind, but it was an exercise in Basic Deviousness.

@nojo: For sure. They have the Ballot Measure Switcheroo down to a science.

@nojo: See also Tim Eyman. The advantage he has is that if it can be related back to Tim Eyman, I know to vote against it. Dude is batshit psycho with the initiatives that sound great but donkey-punch the budget (usually) halfway to death.

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