No one could have predicted …

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Didn’t Ollie North set some sort of precedent on arms sales to troublesome groups?

@water: Since that whole Iran-Contra business took place during the blessed reign of St. Ronald the Gipper, it doesn’t count. The Teflon president protected everybody.

The hubby points out that his name means Jesus in Arabic. And is pronounced with a short i, as it’s spelled. So what’s with Eysah?

Fast and Furious (dumb fucking name) was the conception of a brain dead asshole. Indict them all, and let God sort it out.

@JNOV: Co-sign. I’d love it if they indict the whole fucking lot at USAO. In addition to the F&F bullshit, they’ve been trying to do an end run around the tribal law and order act and I’m sick of it. Fuckers.

I was going to list all the allegations about Rep. Issa, but then realized it doesn’t matter. As Committee Chairman he has the power and blessing of the GOP who looked the other way when they chose to ignore his history. May She help us all.

@BobCens: Issa is a horrible human being:

(NEWSER) – Darrell Issa is eager to investigate the Obama administration, but he’s got plenty of skeletons in his own closet. In a lengthy profile, the New Yorker dredges up a series of scandalous allegations from the House Oversight Chairman’s criminal past. Among them: Issa has been accused of burning down a building and arrested for carrying a concealed weapon (he paid a fine, got 6 months probation) and stealing a red Maserati (case dismissed).

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