Douchebag of the Day: Scott Brown Edition

Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has issued a pair of demands before he will agree to debate his opponent, Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren. The first is that the debate not be carried by MSNBC. Given that the network has become known for hosting mostly left-of-center political opinion shows, this demand could be seen as, perhaps not entirely unreasonable. Just as a Democratic politician might balk at the idea of Fox News broadcasting a debate (imagine your performance being judged by a round-table consisting of half a dozen right-wing demagogues and Juan Williams) one could see a Republican pol. expressing unease at a the post-debate analysis that would immediately follow featuring Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, Dylan Ratigan and Michael Steele.

However, it is the second of Brown’s demands that has raised the most eyebrows and for which he receives the title and crown of Stinque’s Douchebag of the Day, for Wednesday, June 20th:

The senator himself was silent on the proposal until Monday, when his campaign manager said Brown would participate only if Vicki Kennedy [wife of former MA, Senator Ted Kennedy] agreed “that she will not endorse or otherwise get involved in this race.”

Demanding a private citizen refrain from endorsing a candidate for political office as a pre-condition for debating your opponent? Congratulations, Scott Brown. You just made yourself look like a frightened little puppy.



If they don’t make 2 or 3 ads from this and hit this shitbag upside the head, she deserves to lose.

First of all, what?
Second, you gotta be kidding me. That’s just too ridiculous.
Third, we all know who Vicki’s rooting for anyway.
Fourth, who cares? She’s the second wife of a dead Kennedy.
Fifth, even if Warren agrees, there’s nothing to prohibit Vic from endorsing the minute the debate is done.
Sixth, I don’t even care for Warren. Why am I commenting on this?

Wimmins is scary. If you don’t do everything they want they say ‘vagina’. And the Democrats stage play readings. And your wife stops shaving her legs. Even if you’re very very pretty (editor’s note: though not as pretty as Johnny Earle). Life is so unfair.

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