She Calls Him a Monkey …

I call her a talentless fucking hack:


“I voted for the wHite guy, myself.” Now I can’t stop thinking of this:

Wil Wheaton

@IanJ: I have not been able to stop thinking of this – so hypnotic, and I wouldn’t mind that for a coffeemaker either.

@IanJ: My brother-in-law from Mississippi says hwite. I find it terribly endearing.

Thank you, Arizona, for distracting people from thinking about Texas.

Who is this person? Geezus, it’s getting so I can’t keep up with all these assholes out here anymore.

I assume she is one of those 24/7 hate radio freaks that seem to have taken over radio in this country. Nothing these hacks say surprises me. How they are able to live with themselves is beyond my imagination.

These people would not be out there unless someone wanted their message out.

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