Wingnuts pissing off other wingnuts:



Brown-Haired Guy Who Isn’t Steve Doocy did the unthinkable — namely, made me feel bad for Gretchen Carlson.

I can’t even imagine being female and Conservative right now. The fact that she even shows up to work on a regular basis is astounding.

@IanJ: What about people making less than 250K? How in the fuck can they justify voting for a Republican (or a Blue Dog for that matter).

@blogenfreude: I don’t know. Although honestly, I can’t justify voting for most anyone at this point — the chances of being able to vote for a person instead of a lobbyist shill are vanishingly small.

Anybody check to see if she walked down the street to ask for a job at MSNBC? Perhaps she had an epiphany.

The fact that the RepubliKKKans are running Gordon Gekko himself on a ‘Fuck the Poor’ platform during a depression–and he has an actual shot at winning–is surreal enough.

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