Don’t Be Saab

This company is like a fucking zombie – nothing short of a shot to the head will kill it:

UPDATE: Looks like Chinese/Japanese-Swedish company National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) bought Saab with the intention of producing, mostly, electric vehicles. Saabs have always been strange, so why not?

UPDATE 2: Our friends at Saabs United have more details on the purchase, but here are the bullet points:

  • NEVS bought the intellectual property rights to the 9-3 but nothing else
  • The first new Saab product will be an electric 9-3 for China
  • The cars will be designed and built in Sweden

Don’t think I don’t love this – Saab was/is a great brand, and now they’re back. Top Gear’s eulogy (premature, it turns out) after the jump:

This is Who Just Bought Saab [Jalopnik]

Son Av A Bitch!

If I want “Breathtaking acceleration” I’ll keep what I got.

Maybe you can make it to Austin in November for the USGP at the new Circuit of the Americas.

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