Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)

Not without irony that his death occurred when there was a little black spot on sun yesterday.


Brilliant writer. Too bad a lot of his stuff didn’t translate well to cinema/TV (see Illustrated Man-ick-and the badly done mini series but I thought it was cool at the time because I was 9, Martian Chronicles…as with most things the book was way better.)

He did, but the only ep he wrote that aired wasn’t considered one of the Twilight Zone’s best.

Fahrenheit is probably what goes in the one-line bio, but Martian Chronicles was poetry to this teenager.

@ManchuCandidate: I didn’t get the gag the first time I saw it, but Truffaut’s Fahrenheit has no written credits. They’re all announced.

@nojo: Martian Chronicles are what hooked me, but Fahrenheit is just a notch below 1984 for dystopian fiction. It also made a pretty good movie.

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