No One Could Have Predicted …


Tom Barrett’s Wisconsin campaign is sounding the alarm, with finance director Mary Urbina-McCarthy warning supporters in an email Monday night of a mysterious round of phone calls to suppress voting:

“I’m in our situation room right now and I have an urgent update about the state of the race on the ground. Reports coming into our call center have confirmed that Walker’s allies just launched a massive wave of voter suppression calls to recall petition signers. Here is what people are receiving across Wisconsin:

‘If you signed the recall petition, your job is done and you don’t need to vote on Tuesday.’”

One thing about the GOP – when they have power, they use it – no Democrat-style dithering.

Barrett Campaign Sounds Warning on Vote-Suppression Calls [TPM]

turnout is very high. in wisconsin, you can register and vote at the same time, same day. read this article, the line to register at one precinct was much much longer than the line to vote. that can only be good for barrett!page=10&pageSize=10&sort=newestfirst
fox noise will wig the fuck out if barrett wins. it looks like they won’t be able to “scan” or count all the ballots tonight though.

Good luck to you Cheezheads.

The same assholes that are fucking you guys over are bankrolling the ones that are fucking us over in Canada City. No lie.

@jwmcsame: I lived in Spring Green WI for a year, the year 2000, I walked in, signed my name, wrote in my address, and voted. For the guy who won, Gore.

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