You can enjoy Mitt Romney being a fool for sucking up to Donald Trump. You can also enjoy Donald Trump being a fool with Wolf Blitzer. Or you can enjoy Wolf Blitzer being a fool for even talking to Donald Trump. Hey, we’re easy.

But since Trump mentions it…

The Honolulu newspaper birth notices were placed by the State of Hawaii, not the parents. We’ve only been humping that fact for three years now.

[via TPM]

He has spent years filling my city with horrible black glass monstrosities. His taste is horrible. His children are horrible. His TV shows are horrible. Most of the country understands this, I think.

@blogenfreude: “Most of the country understands this, I think.”

Oh, aren’t you cute.

Short answer to your rhetorical question: No.

Most of the country thinks he’s classy (or is it KKKlassy?) and the hideous black glass monstrosities with gold gilt accents are the height (or is it “hite” with their spelling?) of what it means to be rich and classy. There I go with the c-word again.

I know you’re an architecture maven, have you ever been to Vegas? You would weep at the buildings on so many different levels, and then be horrified by the morbidly obese lemmings wandering/waddling around. The movies “Idiocracy” and “Wall-E” really capture where the humans are headed in our country. The only thing that could probably be a worse circle of hell would be a Carnival cruise.

I have no hope for the intelligence of our country. I still don’t quite understand how we managed to elect Unicorn to the presidency. The electoral college?

@blogenfreude: @SanFranLefty: I fear SFL is right. Perhaps most of the UWS understands it, but you have to take a walk through a flyover country Walmart to appreciate the depths of ignorance we’re dealing with here.

@SanFranLefty: Where I am, Idiocracy is already here. I’m so frustrated with the prevailing attitudes, which have become worse in the two decades since I’ve been away. That, and watching the fat, slovenly, ill-behaved kids slouching their way to a diabetes-fueled mediocrity.

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