Different Wiener, Pretty Much the Same Story

via texrednface (click for video, endure Kia commercial):

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Asian hookers dish on Wiener’s photo: krqe.com

As always – if they’re regular politicians this shit doesn’t matter, but if they’re David Vitter marriage and family is the most important fucking thing in the world types, drive them from office.


best quote:
“The pictures taken are as innocent as any that could be taken at Twin Peaks or Hooters here.”

@texrednface: Twin Peaks – didn’t know it existed, sure doesn’t here in NYC. Those outfits make Hooters’ look tame.

Weiner is a Republican county commissioner from the Albuquerque area. He doesn’t have a reputation as a fire breathing family values right winger. He’s big on law enforcement, got NM’s concealed carry law through the legislature as a state senator, works with MADD and has worked on historic preservation and animal protection issues. I think he’s running for reelection to the commission and has rejected calls for him to resign, although the commission formally censured him this month.

@redmanlaw: sounds like Albuquerque could do a lot worse if it’s going GOP anyway …

@blogenfreude: A political friend of mine is running for Congress down there. She may win if she gets past the primary, where she’s neck and neck with a former city council member who is becoming more of a dick with each passing day. Both are Hispanic Democrats. I called in to a talk show she was on to toss her a softball to end the show on a high note for her. She is also the only congressional candidate I’ve ever seen at a B-52s concert, at which she told me she was going to run. I think the Republican(s) in the race are basically placeholders for an expected Democratic win for the seat.

The current member of congress for the Albuquerque district will be up against some tired female GOP retread for senate, assuming he wins the primary, so we may retain that seat upon the retirement of Sen Jeff Bingaman. The primary in that race is between a boring, really nice white guy supported by both the NRA and the Sierra Club (because we New Mexico Democrats can roll that way) v. up from the rural projects bald Hispanic guy and liberal darling. That race has all my friends split. I like them both, and the bald guy came on the scene when I was still a wheel with the state party, but I think the guy with hair has a somewhat better shot at winning in the fall.

@redmanlaw: Interesting to ponder the differences between NYS politics and NM politics. Or Chicago. What’s the correct answer in Chicago to this question: “Who built the pyramids?” DAH mayor.

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