Cory Booker and Spacex

Cory Booker, from what we’ve seen, is insufferable and out for only Cory Booker:


I dunno, selling out to the 1%ers is an ambition crusher. I hope so.

Booker to critics: “Sorry I make u sick.”

Umm, Booker, you were the one who said you were “nauseated” by Obama’s anti-Bain ads.

Maybe you can join Frothy Mix in the vomitorium*, since you delicate flowers are so prone to stomach queasiness.

*Yes, linguistic friends, I know vomitoriums were not where Romans threw up, but rather an architectural feature of stadiums.

TJ/ Can anyone at Stinque HQ figure out why the site won’t load in Google Chrome? Because I really hate their “Aw, Snap!” 404 page signifier.

@matador1015: Well, since I’m busying myself with the archive today…

Site loads — and I’m posting this comment — in Mac Chrome v.19. Are you running a geekbusting plug-in?

@matador1015: I run Chrome at work and the site loads fine.

@SanFranLefty: Wouldn’t that be “vomitaria,” counsel?

Hey Nojo, would it be possible — or is it — to pick our own font for posts? One of my favorite Stinque topics is font geekery.

@Dodgerblue: You will read Georgia and you will like it.

If you can hack your browser and fuck with the site, fine by me. But I ain’t helping.

It appears that the Stinque entity is too savvy for the AdBlocker extension. Well-played, Stinque.

@matador1015: Ah.

Then again, I’m not doing anything fancy here — and don’t know how, although I could look it up if needed. Google Ads amount to beer money, and they’re really here for contextual amusement.

@Dodgerblue: Are you available for legal eagle consultation? You too, RML and WalkingStill.

@SanFranLefty: Right here. You can use FB msg too, if you want. I’m actually working on a @#$%* brief this weekend.

@redmanlaw: “I’m actually working on a @#$%* brief this weekend.”

I’m so sorry. Welcome to my world. I already drafted the email, was waiting for one of you to give me the okay to send. Check your rml/gmail account. I am getting really snarky in my writing, and need somebody to tell me if it’s okay or if I need to rein it back a tad. muchas gracias.

@nojo: Google ads (observed using Chrome) now trying to sell me stair lifts … to be fair, I was researching them yesterday. Mom is fading …

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