Arpaio Infiltrates Hawaii

This fucker is officially insane:

Not to be outdone by the Arizona secretary of state’s recent flirtation with birtherism, Sheriff Joe Arpaio escalated his probe into President Obama’s birth certificate this week by dispatching a deputy from his “threats unit” to Hawaii.

Both the Arizona Republic and the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported deputy Brian Mackiewcz traveled with Arpaio’s volunteer posse member Michael Zullo on Monday to try to get an official confirmation that Hawaii has the president’s birth certificate on file.

I want him in the heat, in a tent, in pink underwear, in serious distress. He needs many doses of his own medicine.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sends ‘Threats Unit’ Investigator To Hawaii To Escalate Birther Probe [TPM]

You know, both Sheriff Joe and his sidekick have some very foreign-sounding last names. Anyone check them out to see if they’re Real Americans®?

What kind of US America name is Arpaio?

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?:
Orcs resent that. Orcs may be cruel, they may be ugly, but they’re not batshit crazy. Nor do they piss away taxpayer dollars looking for a left handed monkey wrench.

@Jim Conte, Thomas O’Mara, or George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, South Carolina: didn’t GTJ of gville, sc tweet (or whatever) that he was long term unemployed due to obama even after curing cancer 9 times? i don’t tweet so i am unfamiliar with all this.

@jwmcsame: I was under the impression George Tierney Jr. of Greenville, SC is employed (or at least was earlier in the week) at Sunland Staffing. He’s in sales.


@karen marie still has her eyes tight shut: i obviously can’t fully fathom twitter, but i thought he claimed obama ended his alleged employment and bragged about curing cancer. you figure a cancer curer would find plenty of work. the staffing deal is too funny. i’m tempted to call them with a request to send somebody out to clean up a bunch of shit or something. any ideas? maybe i’ll tell them the mexicans are fixing my roof too fast. i need them to send an american out to slow things down so i can pad the bill to my insurance company.

is the moron still twittering? is all i have to do is google twitter, sign up and i can play too? is @whoever the person you are responding to? i don’t understand how to play but enjoy taunting bullies. it’s a habit i picked up from my bartending days.

@jwmcsame: Yep. Give Twitter an email address and figure out a cool handle, and you’re in. I Tweet work-related stuff plus occasional bragging or kvetching about the Dodgers.

@Dodgerblue: i will. i want to call up all my friends round here who used to be braves fans when that wagon was rollin, a couple of reds fans, the todd helton/rockies fans here in knoxville, and of course my yankee fan friend and tell them all to fuck off cause LA cannot be beat. The junior dodgers (sons of big leaguers) have stepped up, gwynn, van slyke, gordon, and dejesus. the bench has stepped up and we are winning the one run games by god. all that said, i don’t want to jinx us. can it keep on and on? i’m making plans to see LA in STL later this year with a friend of mine in memphis. it’s either there or cincy or atl for me. don’t ever forget how lucky you are to be able to go to LA home games.

@jwmcsame: Yep, especially since that asshole McCourt is out of the picture. And my I mention that the current win streak has been without Matt Kemp.

My Twitter name is the same as this one, but my tweets aren’t nearly as interesting as GTJroGSC. If you’re new to Twitter, do yourself a favor and follow Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago). Excellent content.

I vote for Jesus’ General, BlueGal, pourmecoffee and TeamAir. I’m off the Twit as well as FB.

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